About Us

Who we are

Hello again, my name is Farid and I’m the owner of TOPIQ Pty Ltd. 22 years ago I obtained my first professional job in IT fixing coding errors in website templates. From there, I branched from one area of IT to another until I reached executive level positions, managing hundreds of projects with budgets in the millions. After being diagnosed with fibromyalgia, I was luckily pulled into web design after word got out that I was a web designer around town.

Having owned several other small businesses before and helping many with their marketing, I bring a wide array of experience that translates into value added to your business. I have brought my prices down as much as I possibly can to $499 upfront and $99/mo to ensure that a small business can predict their expenditures.

Quality Over Quantity

We focus on the needs on each individual business and tailor content around what makes it unique. Our collaborative process is very hands on as we work closely with you to create a website you’re 100% happy with and not something you just settle for.

No Pre-Written Content

Unbeatable Customer Service

No Limits On Design